From the World of John Wick Comes the Bullet Filled Teaser for THE CONTINENTAL!

It’s Bullets, fisticuffs and swords in our first look for the Peacock 3-Part event series The Continental which hails from the universe of John Wick. It’s the 70’s and the nights are going to be lit with violence and hyper-kinetic mayhem as killers will converge on the infamous address in New York and we have your first look below. Enjoy!!!

Official Synopsis:

Set 40 years before the events of the films, the upcoming prequel spinoff centers around a young man named Winston, who will one day grow up to be the character played by Ian McShane in the Wick movies,” reads the synopsis. “In the prequel set against the backdrop of 1970s New York, fans will find a young Winston as an up-and-coming hitman hotelier who, along with others, creates a haven for unsavory types.

The ensemble cast includes Colin Woodell as the young Winston, newcomer Ayomide Adegun as the young Charon, Mel Gibson as Cormac, Hubert Point-Du Jour as Miles, Jessica Allain as Lou, Mishel Prada as KD, Nhung Kate as Yen, Ben Robson as Frankie, Peter Greene as Uncle Charlie, Jeremy Bobb as Mayhew, Ray McKinnon as Jenkins, Adam Shapiro as Lemmy, Mark Musashi as Hansel, Marina Mazepa as Gretel, and Katie McGrath as The Adjudicator.

The action takes place in the 70’s before the infamous hotels were a safe haven for the underworld of assassins. It definitely has the dark, forbidding look of the movies and the gauntlet of characters are well represented in the fast promo. It’ll be interesting to see how this event series will be received as it’s a prequel with no recognizable faces from the franchise in it. I think putting the John Wick name in the title was a smart move as mainstream audiences will actually connect the two now. We Action Cinema freaks know better. The action and look of it certainly looks cinematic for sure.

The teaser is fast and furious with dazzling images of the action set pieces we can expect from the universe that is Baba Yaga. Stay tuned!!!

Expect more to follow as the series hits this September only on Peacock!!


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