BREAKOUT: It’s a Battle of Wills & Firepower in the Hard Hitting Prison Action Pic Premiering in April!

Director Brandon Slagle is following up his hard hitting WWII action pic Battle of Saipan (which is one of my top 10 action films of 2022) with the equally hard hitting prison action pic called Breakout. Louis Mandylor (The Debt Collector Franchise) stars along with Kristos Andrews, Brian Krause and Tom Sizemore in one of his last roles.

Official key art, stills and a Trailer premiere are now out and you can check out all the high-octane thrills below!

Uncork’d Entertainment will release Brandon Slagle’s follow-up to recent action hit Battle for Saipan this Spring. High tensity prison break feature Breakout, featuring the late Tom Sizemore in one his final roles, will release April 11 on DVD and Digital.

Having taken control of a maximum-security prison and recruited the other prisoners as his army, a criminal mastermind and former LAPD explosives expert faces off against a rogue hostage negotiator and a retired Black Ops agent who had been visiting his incarcerated son.

In addition to Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan), My Big Fat Greek Wedding’sLouis Mandylor, Kristos Andrews (“The Bay”), Brian Krause (Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers), Noel Guglielmi (Training Day), Victor DiMatta (The Sandlot), and Jose Guapo also star in the Robert Thompson, Brandon Slagle, and Devanny Pinn written actioner.

“Director Brandon Slagle is quickly established himself as an action movie director to be reckoned with. Fans of Battle of Saipan and Crossbreed will definitely want to see this!” said Keith Leopard, President Uncork’d Entertainment. “Featuring one of the final performances by the late, great Tom Sizemore as Chaz, Breakout is a starry, tense ride.”

James Cullen Bressack (Hot Seat) is a producer on the pic.


Slagle is making a name for himself in indie action cinema after already conquering horror films. His no nonsense approach to action film making generates movies that satisfy on all levels. Breakout is a pulse pounding action film filled with firepower and fisticuffs and harkens back to the video store glory days when movies like this ruled the shelves of Blockbuster. Louis Mandylor never disappoints and Kristos Andrews throws his hat into the ring as an indie action star in the making with his white knuckle performance. This is a must see action pic and will certainly satisfy your need for bullets, fists and feet of fury. Lookout for my full review of Breakout coming soon!

The Trailer recently premiered and you can view it below! Lock ‘N’ Load right here at your destination for everything action for more to come on Breakout!


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