Scott Adkins Kicks into High Gear in the Upcoming Egyptian Action-Comedy MATRAH MATROUH!

Remember last year when I posted some picks and an article of action star Scott Adkins kicking it in the Egyptian desert for a mystery movie? Well, we finally know what the film is as the IMDb has added it to his filmography arsenal and actually this will be Adkins’ second role in an Egyptian action movie after appearing in No Surrender (the U.S. title) which was originally titled Karmouz War in its native Egypt. You can check out my initial review of that movie here.

This time around, Scott is appearing in an action-comedy called Matrah Matrouh (expect that name to change when it hits stateside as well). Adkins is probably in limited duties here again but judging from the pics and BTS vids that have been making the rounds on the internet, he will define cranking into overdrive delivering some of his signature moves.

This film will tell the story of a family that is stuck right in the middle of the infamous El-Alamein altercation that took place in WWII. Unlike last time, it appears Adkins will be on the side of good when his fists and feet do the talking.

The movie was helmed by Wael Ihsan and Shaimaa Ibrahim who is also a stunt pro in the industry. Here’s hoping this one plays of better than No Surrender as Adkins was the only bright spot of that film as he played a psychotic inmate who stole the third act when he was finally let loose. This film marks the return of Ihsan who is a legendary Egyptian comedy director.

Check out some more BTS pics of Adkins in action in the hot sun in the gallery below!

Adkins will also be seen of course this coming Friday as he appears in the anticipated action epic John Wick Chapter 4. Adkins will be playing the role of Killa and will be sporting a few extra pounds and a curious haircut when he takes on Keanu Reeves.

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Source: IMDb


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