FURIES: Veronica Ngo’s Hard Hitting, Blood Soaked Prequel Lands on Netflix this March!

Vietnamese star Veronica Ngo made quite the name for herself when she hit the world cinema with her pile driving revenge thriller Furie. Ngo is no stranger to action but this is the film that really landed her an international reception and now she’s back for the prequel movie Furies.

Ngo isn’t just starring this time around however as she is behind the lens as well as director and co-writer of the revenge tale of three women who train their bodies and minds to wipe out the scum of the earth.

Netflix is set to release the film for its North America subscribers on March 23rd and you can check out the bone smashing, blood splashing trailer below!

Official Synopsis

Furies serve up a thrilling tale of justice and revenge set against the vibrant backdrop of 1990s Saigon.

The film tells the story of Bi, Thanh, and Hong, three fierce and furious vigilantes who team up to take down a sinister crime syndicate led by the vile crime lord Hai. As the trio of assassins infiltrates the underground crime syndicate to deliver furious justice, viewers will be left to wonder if they’ve been manipulated into becoming instruments of vengeance.

The movie also stars Dong Anh Quynh as Bi, Toc Tien as Thanh and Rima Thanh Vy as Hong.

Ngo promises viewers that Furies will feature “spectacular stunt choreography and cinematography that will leave viewers at the edge of their seats.”

I’m not going to argue as the above trailer definitely delivers on that promise. The fast promo entices genre fans win substantial amounts of brutal bare knuckle beatdowns and rip roaring gun infused firefights.

March 23rd is the date for the crescendo of violence to commence so Lock ‘N’ Load right here for future opinions!

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