SAKRA: Donnie Yen Delivers Exhilarating Wuxia Action in the Latest Trailer for His Upcoming Period Martial Arts Spectacle

Donnie Yen is an action cinema god and there’s no questioning it so don’t even try. Yen delivered one of the best cop thrillers a few years ago with his blistering Raging Fire and now he’s returned to the period martial arts arena for his latest spectacle.

Titled Sakra, Yen not only stars but he also produced and directed as this is a true labor of love for the star. Based on Jin Yong’s 1963 novel, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, Yen hopes that this film will be the start of a franchise in the vein of Marvel with a Chinese Shakespeare flare. Sounds ambitious, doesn’t it? Well judging from the footage, Yen once again proves that he might be well into his 50’s but he still has no equal.

Check out the latest footage courtesy of our friends as Asian Film Fans!

Donnie Yen stars, produces and directs ‘Sakra’ .The big budget wuxia actioner is based on Jin Yong’s 1963 novel Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils.

Yen stars along a celebrated Chinese cast which includes Chen Yuqi (A Chinese Odyssey Part Three), Cya Liu Ya-Se (Limbo) Kara Hui Ying-Hung (Mrs K), Wu Yue (Ip Man 4: The Finale), Eddie Cheung Siu-fai (Sky on Fire) and Ray Lui (Guns of Dragon).

Yen is truly an action master in front of the camera as well as behind it and Sakra looks to cement him as the pinnacle of Martial Arts excellence. Yen has said goodbye to the traditional Kung Fu film a few years back but it appears he’s not quite done with the old school, period epics just yet.

Sakra is now playing in Chinese theaters so be on the lookout for a North American debut in the future.


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