JCVD isn’t Retiring Anytime Soon as He is Set to Star in Another Upcoming Action-Thriller Called DARKNESS OF MAN

Jean-Claude Van Damme isn’t retiring anytime soon folks. After reporting that JCVD was set to call it quits after making one last action epic, we now have word that the Muscles from Brussels is slated to lead two new action films. The first being a film called Silent Kill which you can read about here.

The second film which THR brought news of is called Darkness of Man which is being described as a “brutal Neo-Noir action film.”Van Damme will portray an Interpol agent who must protect a young boy when his father, an informant, is killed during a raid gone awry. Read below for more 411.

Set in Los Angeles, Darkness of Man sees the Kickboxer, Bloodsport and Universal Soldier legend play Russell Hatch, an Interpol operative who takes on the role of father figure to Jayden, the son of an informant killed in a routine raid gone wrong. Years later, Hatch finds himself protecting Jayden and his uncle from a group of merciless gangs in an all-out turf war, stopping at nothing to protect Jayden and fight anyone getting in his way — including supposed allies with hidden agendas and nefarious intents. Filming is set to start in Los Angeles in early 2023. Per THR

Darkness of Man will be he helmed by James Cullen Bressack who has helmed a multitude of DTV action films starring the likes of Bruce Willis (Fortress), Mel Gibson (Hot Seat), and Steven Seagal (Beyond the Law). Bressack also penned the script alongside Alethea Cho from an idea he and Van Damme came up with.

VMI Worldwide will be bringing the movie to the American Film Market for potential buyers so it looks like we have at least two more Van Damme projects to look forward to. What does this mean for JC’s swan song movie What’s My Name? Who knows at this point. Maybe Van Damme will make that one when he is really ready to hang it up. Personally, I thought it was all bullshit to begin with and it looks like I’m right thus far.

In an interview with THR, JC did discuss it and it sounds like it’s up in the air at this time.

“I want to make one more big martial arts film. But I guess it’s not the time right now. Before I believed in destiny, but now I believe in synchronicity. So if something doesn’t go my way, then it’s not supposed to go my way. So What’s My Name? may happen, may not happen. And I have another project that’s as good. But that’s for later. Right now, I’m so into Darkness of Man, which was always working in parallel,” Van Damme stated.

Van Damme is like the weather or at least that’s the best way to describe him as he can change at any moment. I’m fine with him making more films of course so keep it going JC. Keep it locked and loaded right here for more info on this one and any other Van Dammage that might come our way in the future.

Source: THR

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