ONE RANGER: Lionsgate Acquires Jesse V. Johnson’s Newest Action Pic Starring Thomas Jane and John Malkovich!

We have some exciting acquisitions news for you today in that Lionsgate Pictures has just acquired action maestro Jesse V. Johnson’s upcoming action film One Ranger which boasts yet another sensational cast for the action cinema helmer. Lionsgate will be shopping the hot property at this year’s American Film market.

The movie stars Thomas and John Malkovich in a high-octane film that features Jane as a Texas Ranger who is recruited by British intelligence in order to stop a major attack on London by a ruthless terrorist. Who better to stop this threat than The Punisher himself and Jane has been very active as of late starring in the action-horror hybrid Slayers as well as the revenge thriller Vendetta and the western Murder at Yellowstone City. Malkovich is sensational in anything that he is in, and he was also recently featured in Johnson’s actioner White Elephant which also starred Michael Rooker and Bruce Willis.

Johnson has proven himself more times than I can count that he is one of the leading directors of indie action cinema. Johnson brings immense firepower and bravado stunts to all his projects and this one should be no exception. Having two seasoned pros in jane and Malkovich is just bloody icing on the cake and I was in after reading the title of the Deadline article.

Casting Jane as a fish out of water Texas Ranger in London and Malkovich as an MI-6 operative who must put up with him is pure gold.

Johnson also has the period Celtic warrior epic Boudica with Olga Kurylenko coming soon and is readying to film the action film Chief of Station also featuring Kurylenko as well as Alex Pettyfer and Alec Baldwin.

Lauren Bixby, SVP, Co-productions and Acquisitions for Lionsgate, said: “One Ranger is non-stop action and it’s so much fun watching Thomas Jane being dropped into the center of London as a Texas Ranger, having to face the likes of John Malkovich and his MI6 team.”

Keep it locked and loaded righjt here for more 411 coming soon on this film as well as Johnson’s other future projects as we are your destination for everything action in 2022 and beyond!

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