New Legends will Rise in the Official Trailer for Universal’s BLADE OF THE 47 RONIN!

Universal has lowered the martial arts boom with the release of their DTV pseudo sequel Blade of the 47 Ronin. Boasting a tight and talented martial arts cast, this in name only follow up switches it up and brings the sword wielding action to present day. The legend of the Ronin warriors, which started with the Keanu Reeves film, continues with an all-new warrior who is destined to rise to become a legend. The film is helmed by veteran martial arts actor, stunt coordinator and filmmaker Ron Yuan (The Paper Tigers) Check out the new footage and the extreme combat action below!

“The action is moved forward by some 300 years to present-day Budapest, which is intended as a metaphor for East-West confluence, and where a meeting of the five Samurai clans is taking place. In addition to the male clan leaders, the meeting is also attended by three Onna Bugeisha (literally ‘Women Warriors’), though their presence is initially resented.

The existence of female Samurai who fought alongside their male colleagues in feudal Japan is well documented. But their stories have rarely been told due to societal pressure and political turmoil. In “Blade” the women lead the campaign to reunite two halves of a mythical sword and keep it out of the hands of a villain who wants power for himself.

Available 10/25!

The martial arts infused cast includes:

Anna Akana, a U.S. actor and YouTube creator; U.S. martial artist Teresa Ting; Mike Moh, who played Bruce Lee in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”; veteran Vietnamese-American actor and filmmaker Dustin Nguyen(“Warrior”); Australian Chris Pang (“Charlie’s Angels,” “Crazy Rich Asians”); Japanese actor and model Chikako Fukuyama (“Terrace House: Aloha State”); and seasoned action specialist Mark Dacascos (“John Wick 3,” “Wu Assassins”).

They are joined by Luna Fujimoto (Chinese hit “Monster Hunt 2,” and the upcoming “Wandering Earth 2”) as one of the three female leaders; Koieyama Akira (“Samurai Marathon,” “47 Ronin,” “Sense8”); and Nino Furuhata (“Spaghetti Code Love,” “Tetris,” “The Limit of Sleeping Beauty”).

The trailer is brief but it’s enough to entice those that are skeptical to check this one out. If anything, seeing martial arts action icon Mark Dacascos do his thing is worth it alone.

Blade of the 47 Ronin, is described as “a modern twist on a timeless tale,” and will hit Blu-Ray along with Digital and VOD on October 25th. The film will also hit Netflix as well.

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