SECTION EIGHT: Action Overload is the Name of the Game in the Trailer for the New Actioner Starring Ryan Kwanten, Scott Adkins & Dolph Lundgren

RLJE Films has just dropped the exclusive trailer for director Christian Sesma’s latest action pic which boasts a heavy dose of action film talent. Titled Section Eight, the film stars Ryan Kwanten who is surrounded by such high profile names in the genre like Scott Adkins, Dolph Lundgren and Mickey Rourke. Action overload is on hand with pulse pounding visuals to entice all and you can now check out the new trailer below!

“Section 8″ centers on a former soldier who is sent to prison for life after he avenges the murder of his wife and child. There, he’s recruited by a shadowy government agency for an off-the-books assignment and the promise of regaining his freedom. The film stars Ryan Kwanten of “True Blood,” along with Dolph Lundgren (“The Expendables”), Dermot Mulroney (“Hanna”), Scott Adkins (“John Wick: Chapter 4”) and Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke (“The Wrestler”).

Christian Sesma (Every Last One of Them) helms the pic which was written by Action-Flix mainstay Chad Law along with Josh Ridgway who also directed the film High Moon starring Chad Michael Collins.

Dermot Mulroney also stars in the film which looks to please genre fans with its endless supply of bullets, hand to hand and glorified machismo. These all happen to be ingredients that I need in my action flicks so this one’s right in my wheelhouse.

Kwanten stars as a former soldier who is incarcerated when he seeks vengeance on those that killed his family. Mulroney offers him a deal to be one part of a special elite group of black ops warriors but once he sees that all is not what it appears to be, he goes rogue and is hunted by those he once worked for. Lundgren plays Kwanten’s former military supervisor while Adkins is one of the team members whose sent to eliminate him.

The trailer is definitely heavy on the stunts and action and seeing Adkins let loose whether he’s good or bad is always a welcome sight. We need some politically incorrect violence and mayhem so bring it on!

Section Eight is set to debut in theaters as well as AMC+ this September 23rd.

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