The Action Fix: Bringing a Spoon to a Knife Fight- Happy Birthday Jason Statham!

What kind of Jason Statham super geek would I be if I didn’t post some high-octane video from one of his movies to help celebrate his birthday today? Well, I wouldn’t be much of one and seeing that The Stath is in the top three of my favorite action stars right now, it’s kind of a law that I share one of my favorite scenes from his bullet riddled filmography.

Well, this year, on Statham’s 55th, I figured I’d share a clip from one of his most under appreciated action-dramas called Redemption (AKA Hummingbird). Statham plays a damaged special forces vet who assumes another man’s persona and proceeds to pummel bad people on his way to avenging a friend’s murder.

The fight is short but sweet and it shows off just how bad ass his character is as he basically brings a spoon to a knife fight. Spoiler Alert- he does just fine with it of course. Check out the one sided beatdown below!

Official Synopsis: A damaged ex-special forces soldier navigating London’s criminal underworld seizes an opportunity to assume another man’s identity.

Happy Birthday Stath! You don’t look a day out of your 30’s so keep kicking ass and we all can’t wait for you to take the reigns in Expendables 4!!!

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