Scott Adkins Goes Airborne in New Images from His Latest Action Project! (UPDATE: New BTS VIDEO!)

UPDATE: We may not know what the movie is called, or who is directing it, or who else stars in it but it has Scott Adkins kicking Nazi ass so that’s all I need to know!

Adkins has shared a new albeit brief BTS video of him kicking a stuntman through a window. Once again, I know next to nothing about this film and I already know it’ll be better than Adkins’ last Egyptian movie No Surrender 😉. Take a peek at it below!

(Original Post) Over the weekend, I shared some cool news that action Star Scott Adkins was currently in Egypt filming a mysterious action project. Nothing is known about the new film seeing that it came out of nowhere and currently doesn’t even have a page on the IMDb so, of course, yours truly immediately went into investigative mode to find out more about it.

What have I found? Well, not much I’m sad to report but we do know that Adkins is in the Egyptian desert taking on Nazis as the star commented on his first image he shared this weekend on social media. We also know that he’s channeling his inner Harrison Ford for the role leading me to believe it’s in the vein of Indiana Jones. There have been no signs of Adkins wearing a fedora yet but I’m looking.

New and action packed images has surfaced this Monday morning courtesy of Adkins once again and it’s a kick ass snapshot of the Human Special Effect going aerial as he delivers a devastating jump spinning kick to an unidentified antagonist who is on the unforgiving receiving end of said kick. Check out the full images below!

So right now we know that Adkins is in Egypt. He’s taking on Nazis and he jokingly stated that he had too much curry. Most importantly for fans, he will be delivering his signature lethal skills in the movie as the image proves so I will be there on opening day to see all the slo-mo awesomeness that he’ll be bringing.

Courtesy of Scott Adkins

As of now, my money is on the fact that it’s a period actioner taking place in WWII. Also from the new image, it would appear that Adkins is going to decimate an enemy encampment with firepower and fisticuffs. It’s intriguing to say the least as Adkins is leaving these little teases for us.

I’m still on the hunt for more 411 so keep it locked and loaded right here as we are your destination for everything action and Adkins in 2022 and beyond! I’m going to browse the internet for more dangling carrots. Wish me luck!

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