WARHORSE ONE: A Lone SEAL is a Lone Girl’s Last Hope in the New Trailer for the Upcoming Military Actioner

By: John M Jerva

Hot off the heels of his latest action release Invincible, filmmaker, actor and musician Johnny Strong is giving us another round of adrenaline this year with his upcoming military action-thriller Warhorse One. Strong plays the soul surviving SEAL of a failed rescue attempt who must run a gauntlet of extremists to protect the life of a little girl.

The newest trailer is full of dramatic moments and heart stopping action and it’s now live for all to enjoy. View it below along with fresh key art for the film which is set to hit later this year.

Official Synopsis: While conducting a rescue mission to evacuate a group of missionaries out of a village in Afghanistan during the US military withdraw of 2021, a seal team helicopter is shot down by a group of insurgents. One of the seal team operators Master Chief Richard Mirko (Johnny Strong), is thrown from the wreckage, miraculously surviving the crash. With the rest of his team killed in action, Mirko continues his search for the missionaries, but finds their vehicle ambushed, the only survivor: a traumatized 5 year old child. Mirko must now guide the child to safety, through a gauntlet of hostile insurgents, and survive the brutal Afghan wilderness.

Strong not only stars in the movie but he also co-wrote and co-directed with his collaborator director William Kaufman. The two have made quite the duo in the indie action genre with films like Sinners and Saints and Daylight’s End and it looks like they’re ready to strike hard once again.

In a world of superhero movies, some heroes are real. As you can see by the above tease, Strong is up against a rock and a hard place but thankfully that’s where he excels so the odds are probably just about even. Plus it looks like Strong is playing the role of savior to a little girl while taking aim at the bad guys that are closing in on the lone wolf.

The previous titles mentioned, which are considered classics among the action crowd, starred Kaufman’s go to actor in Johnny who brings a sense of authenticity to the proceedings with his knowledge in all things weaponry and tactics and he has that certain something when it comes to leading man bravado. Strong has that old school, throwback attitude that was welcome in the 80’s and 90’s and is sorely lacking in today’s cinema.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come on Warhorse One because we are your destination for everything action!

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