Exclusive Action Fix Podcast Review: The New Thriller BLACK SITE Serves Up Solid Hard “R” Rated Action and Thrills

By: John M Jerva

Redbox Entertainment has unveiled its brand new and brutal thriller Black Site. The film, from director Sophia Banks, stars Michelle Monaghan as CIA operative Abby Trent who must do battle with a ruthless killer named appropriately enough Hatchet (Jason Clarke) when he is delivered to the off the books site that Abby runs. Things run amok, of course, as Hatchet escapes and makes the black ops detention site his very own personal hunting grounds. Jai Courtney (Suicide Squad) also stars in the thriller that is now available on DVD and On Demand from Redbox Entertainment. Check out and listen to my exclusive review of the film below!

Official Synopsis: Directed by Sophia Banks, Redbox Entertainment’s action-thriller film Black Site follows CIA Agent Abby Trent (Michelle Monaghan) who manages an underground black site facility that imprisons dangerous and high-risk detainees. Days before Abby’s reassignment to a new post, Special Ops bring in a high-value target at the top of every Most Wanted list — codename: Hatchet (Jason Clarke). Hatchet is notorious for killing his enemies in a gruesome manner, and for Abby, his capture is personal. Determined to avenge her husband’s death at the hands of Hatchet, Abby’s plan is soon thrown into chaos once Hatchet escapes and begins a bloody game of murdering the site officers —one by one. While Abby and the team hunt him down, she quickly discovers that there are moles within the ranks, compromising the mission. With time running out, Abby doubts everyone around her, begging the question: who can she really trust?

Black Site’s additional cast also includes Pallavi Sharda (The One), Phoenix Raei (Clickbait), Fayssal Bazzi (Stateless), Logan Huffman (Monster Party), Todd Lasance (Without Remorse), Lincoln Lewis (The Possessed), Pacharo Mzembe (La Brea), Lucy Barrett (Charmed), Simon Elrahi (Akoni), Joey Vieira (Romance on the Menu), and Uli Latukefu (Young Rock).

Black Site blends genres with action mixed in with a psychological thriller vibe and peppered with a little horror-slasher movie tone. The cast is all game here and Clarke looks like he’s having fun playing a character with no redeeming value whatsoever and throw in some hand-to-hand action to go along with the bloodletting, and you’ve got a candidate for Saturday night viewing. There’s plenty of victims for Hatchet to carve up as he is cunning and downright unstoppable so don’t expect this one to let up until the credits roll.


STORY: 1.5 Out of 2

PACING: 1.5 Out of 2

ACTION: 1.0 Out of 2

CHARACTERS: 1.0 Out of 2


OVERALL: 7 Out of 10


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