The Action Fix Live: Beyond THE PERFECT WEAPON- Discussing More of Jeff Speakman’s Entries to Action Cinema

By: John M Jerva

It’s time to jock up and go to war once again with another episode of The Action Fix Live on YouTube! In episode five, I’m discussing more of Jeff Speakman and his other films beyond The Perfect Weapon.

Last Friday on The Action Elite Live, we talked about Speakman’s awesome intro to action cinema with the 1991 classic The Perfect Weapon so now I break down more of the Kenpo master’s other films including Street Knight, The Expert and Deadly Outbreak (AKA Deadly Takeover).

There’s a lot of highlights and a few lowlights here but one thing is for sure and that is Speakman was one of the best that 90’s action cinema had to offer. His fight choreography is one of the most explosive and exciting elements to his movies and even if the film didn’t rise to the occasion, he most certainly did.

Speakman with the late, great Father of American Karate Ed Parker circa 1991

Check out the latest episode of The Action Fix Live in the player below!

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