The Action Fix Live: Flashback Review-2015’s RIOT is a Solid Actioner with Substantial Beatdowns!

By: John M Jerva

After a lengthy absence due to health issues, I am back with my Action Fix YouTube Show! The video show has transformed into The Action Fix Live and in this latest episode of the show, I review the 2015 prison action flick Riot which stars Matthew Reese, Former MMA/UFC champion Chuck Liddell and action icon Dolph Lundgren. Does this movie have what it takes to be Action-Flix Approved? Check out the new episode below to find out!

Police officer, Jack Stone purposefully orchestrates a robbery in order to be thrown into a prison where a notorious Russian criminal is. Balam’s more than just a criminal;. He, likewise, is in prison as a cover; no one would suspect a man in supposedly heavily guarded prison’s actually running his empire, outside. But he is. Thinking he’s safe in his ‘castle’, Balam’s not aware his days of control are rapidly dwindling.

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