The Action Fix Live: Only a Ninja can Destroy a Ninja! Talking Everything About Ninjas in Action Cinema!

By: John M Jerva

Last night was the second installment of the newly revamped Action Fix Live on YouTube and we made it better by adding Ninjas into it. That’s right folks, this episode was all about the Ninja craze ln cinema. From the highlights to the lowlights, no stone was left unturned as we delved deep into these mystical Japanese assassins from feudal Japan. What is it about these black clad bad asses that has enticed viewers for decades? Well, the answer is probably pretty obvious, but we talked all about it anyways.

Joining me on this lightning sword slicing trip down memory lane was the one and only Charlie Chase who is the host of the awesome podcast show Give Me Back My Action/Horror Movies. From the iconic Sho Kosugi, who is considered the main Ninja god of the action genre to international action star Scott Adkins who put his own extreme touch to it, we sunk our Shuriken Stars into it all.

It’s time to go to war on this second installment of The Action Fix because, “Only a Ninja can Destroy a Ninja!”

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