The Biggest Box Office War Film of All Time, THE BATTLE AT LAKE CHANGJIN, Lands on UK Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital in May from Trinity CineAsia!

By: John M Jerva

CineAsia based out of the UK is really keeping Asian action cinema alive with its releases of films from that part of the world and this May they are stepping up and releasing the long-awaited war film The Battle of Lake Changjin featuring international action star Wu Jing (Wolf Warrior franchise) on home video and Digital.

Boasting fantastic battle sequences that are visceral and bloody, this film took three of the finest Hong Kong filmmakers in Tsui Hark, Dante Lam and Chen Kaige to bring it all together and make it work. The payoff has been felt as The Battle of Lake Changjin is the highest grossing war film ever assembled.

I’ve been waiting to check this one out as I’m a rabid fan of all things war movies so be sure to be on the lookout for my thoughts in the near future,

In the meantime, check out the official press release fand trailer from CineAsia below!

Trinity CineAsia presents The Battle at Lake Changjin, a cinematic epic co-directed by three master filmmakers, Tsui Hark, Dante Lam and Chen Kaige, which would go on to become the highest grossing war film of all time. It’s released Blu-ray, DVD and Digital platforms from 16th May

“A visceral, adrenaline pumping action movie” History of War Magazine

“Massive battle scenes” Variety

“Blustery action sequences” The Hollywood Reporter 


From three master filmmakers comes one of the most epic and ambitious war movies ever made.

During the winter of 1950, in the freezing cold Lake Changjin region, a bloody battle ensues between the United States and China. Faced with the harshest conditions of extreme cold, a lack of rations and vast differences in weaponry, the Chinese troops forge ahead in what was to become the most critical battle of the Korean war.

Co-directed by Tsui Hark (Once Upon a Time in China franchise), Dante Lam (Operation Red Sea), Chen Kaige (Farewell My Concubine) and starring international superstar Wu Jing (Wolf Warrior 1 & 2), The Battle at Lake Changjin cemented its place as the highest grossing war film ever made.

Trinity CineAsia presents The Battle at Lake Changjin on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital from 16th May

Find it on Amazon:

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