Spring-Breakers Must Fight Nature’s Greatest Killing Machine in the International Trailer for Director James Nunn’s SHARK BAIT!

By: John M Jerva

There are definitely enough choices to be had if you’re looking for some shark attack flicks. I know this technically qualifies as horror, but it was directed by James Nunn who recently released my favorite action flick in 2021 in One Shot with Scott Adkins so I feel obligated to share. Plus, my wife and daughter love these types of films so this one is for them too as I’m sure I’ll be watching it at some point.

The new film that will soon be released is titled aptly enough Shark Bait. That’s a new name change as the film was known as Jetski for a while. I actually like that title better, but I can see why they chose to change it up. You need the word shark in the title if you’re going to properly advertise it to the masses. Check out the shark on spring-breakers carnage in the new trailer below courtesy of Altitude Film Sales.

Official Synopsis: A group of spring-breakers enjoying a weekend in Mexico. After a big night of partying on the beach until dawn, the friends steal a couple of jetskis and take them out to sea but end up in a horrific head-on collision.

After one of the jetskis sinks, the group finds itself stranded two miles from land on one remaining, broken-down jetski, and struggling with a badly injured friend. With no clear way home and predators circling in the choppy waters below, the true horror begins.

If you’re still interested in seeing the pic which as of right now doesn’t have an official release date, you might be inclined to know that the film’s cast includes Holly Earl (Dracula: The Dark Prince), Jack Trueman, Catherine Amy Hannay (Doctors), Malachi Pullar-Latchman (Open All Night), and Thomas Michael Flynn (Bridgerton).

Looking at the above trailer, one would assume that the humans in this movie make some pretty bad choices while dealing with said ocean predator. Of anything, I’m cuter we’ll get some righteous shark infused kills out of it.

Nunn does know a thing or two about making a shark thriller. The filmmaker was second unit director on both 47 Meters Down and its follow up 47 Meters Down: Uncaged. That’s some serious shark cred right there and after doing a bunch of action flicks in a row, I like to see Nunn switch it up a bit.

Check back later for more details on James Nunn’s Shark Bait as we are your destination for everything action and shark thrillers in 2022 and beyond!

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