R.I.P. Little Dragon- Remembering Brandon Lee

I remember like it was only yesterday. I was at my martial arts school getting ready to take over a class when one of my assistant instructors came up to me and said that Brandon Lee was killed as the result of a tragic on set accident while filming The Crow.

I immediately thought he was making a bad joke but he wasn’t. I returned home that night to find out that Lee was in fact dead and that he was accidentally shot while filming a scene for the movie which is now deemed a cult classic.

Brandon was something special. He was in the shadows of his famous father for his whole life but he was just starting to emerge into the light and make a name for himself as not only an action star but a genuine Hollywood star.

What could have been. Lee only made a handful of films with 1992’s Rapid Fire being his only true to the word, full-blown action flick along with Showdown in Little Tokyo (I don’t count Laser Mission).

It was 29 years ago today that we lost a rising star who was full of so much potential. I often think about if Lee was still alive to this day what he would have accomplished in film.

In honor of the Little Dragon, I have chosen one of my favorite action sequences of his from Rapid Fire. It was only a sampling of what he could do and what charisma he brought to the screen. A lot of people love his fight with Al Leong at the end of the film but I always loved this one too as Lee took charge and took on an army.

It’s a brilliant action sequence filled with Lee’s trademark skills as well as a lot of firepower to go with it. This was proof positive that Brandon had the right stuff to surpass his dad in every way.

We miss you Brandon but we know that you are guarding the gates of Heaven right beside your father. Hopefully we will meet someday.

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