Frank Grillo Showcases BTS Fight Action from the Set of Director Isaac Florentine’s HOUNDS OF WAR!

It’s no secret that Frank Grillo is one of my favorite actors working in action cinema today or any genre for that matter. Grillo has that rare gift that enables him to elevate any film that he is in with his presence even if said movie leaves a lot to be desired. Grillo recently wrapped production on the upcoming action-thriller King of Killers which teams him up with martial arts sensation Alain Moussi.

Grillo didn’t take a break as he immediately flew to Malta, and he is now filming the new actioner Hounds of War which sees famed action director Isaac Florentine returning to the helming chair. The film will star Grillo as the leader of “a group of mercenaries who take on jobs that are considered impossible. After a mission goes wrong due to a shocking betrayal, only one of them is left alive to avenge his fallen brothers.”

Grillo has been very active on social media as he has been sharing some awesome behind the scenes video of himself filming a variety of the fight scenes that will be seen in the film. Check out Grillo in action in the links below courtesy of his official Instagram page!

This movie sounds tailor made for Grillo and it’s right in my wheelhouse. The movie also stars Rhona Mitra and martial arts action star Mark Strange (Ip Man 4, Redcon-1) who is playing Santiago, one of the members of Grillo’s elite team of hounds. We have some info on Mitra’s character as her name will be Caterina Murino. Cast additions also include Nicky Whelan. Check out a new image of Strange all jocked up on set below!

Image courtesy of Mark Strange’s Official facebook Page

Trilight Entertainment’s Shayne Putzlocher and Jaggurnaught’s Jean Pierre Magro, Pedja Miletic and Aaron Briffa will be serving as the movie’s producers. Grillo will also serve as an executive producer along with Nika Finch and Polina Pushkareva. Interestingly enough Dean Devlin’s Electric Entertainment was on board to help sell the film but has since been removed from the production.

Florentine is best known for his martial arts infused epics like the Undisputed films with Scott Adkins but he’s no stranger to fire fights on screen. Florentine has a distinct visual flair when it comes to set pieces so this one should deliver at least in the adrenaline department. Personally, they had me at Grillo and Hounds of War. I’ll be there on day one.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come on Hounds of War as we are your destination for everything action in 2022 and beyond!

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