It’s Time to Fight Back in the New WWII Action-Thriller RED GHOST: NAZI HUNTER!

By: John M Jerva

We’ve got some juicy WWII action coming at Ya this March as the new Russian war pic Red Ghost: Nazi Hunter is ready to take aim and fire on home video. the film tells the story of a mythical legend who walks the Russian landscape looking for Nazis to take out. When a ban of Russian shoulders find themselves surrounded by an elite German outfit, only the Red Ghost can save them in this blistering new pic. Expect the snow to be stained in blood with this one so check out the key cover art and trailer below!


Vyazma, USSR. WWII, 1941. A mythical lone-wolf fighter, known as The Red Ghost, roams the Russian forests sniping and killing Nazis one by one. He’s so destructive that a special unit of the Nazis’ Wehrmacht is ordered to search for and kill him. Simultaneously, a band of Soviet soldiers behind enemy lines trudge through the snow, hopeful to find safety, warmth and vodka. Instead, they find themselves trapped at a farm and surrounded by the Wehrmacht unit against whom they must fight to the death – but not without the help of The Red Ghost.

The film was helmed by Andrey Bogatyrev with a cast that includes Wolfgang Cerny, Aleksey Shevchenkov, Yuriy Borisov, and Vladimir Gostyukhin.

The trailer is dubbed so if that’s not your thing, the listing for the film on Amazon has it with the original Russian language and subtitles. The trailer looks solid enough and there’s plenty of battle action to be had with one awesome looking anti-hero in the Red Ghost. If WWII pics are your bag, then I suggest checking this one out next month.

On Blu-Ray and DVD March 8th!

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