The Action Fix: Happy Birthday Iko Uwais- Ranking His Top 5 Beatdowns!

By: John M Jerva

Today is Iko Uwais’ birthday and as I’m patiently awaiting the arrival of the Wu Assassins film Fistful of Vengeance which hits Netflix next week, I thought I’d celebrate this special day with counting down the five best scenes of fisticuffs from the human tornado. Plus I haven’t given him any love recently so it’s due. I usually hate to do top 5’s or 10’s because people just come at me with why I’m wrong but fuck it. I’m feeling tingly today so here you go! The most epic, brutal and unapologetic action sequences from the human tornado!

5) Iko Takes on Sunny Pang in HEADSHOT!

One of Iko’s more underrated affairs, this one has him going toe to toe with veteran expert Sunny Pang. This one’s especially brutal and lengthy and both participants get to strut their stuff with bone crunching tenacity. A real treat for fight fans.

4) Iko Battles it Out with Joe Taslim in the Marathon Bout from The Night Comes For Us!

Fans can agree that The Night Comes for Us is one of the most extreme and brutal action flicks in recent history. It’s horror movie violent and that’s putting it mildly. Joe Taslim is on fire here and Iko strikes hard as the baddie which is refreshing. Their finale fight is a 13 minute plus marathon of brutality and painstaking fight choreography that is unrivaled. This one is simply bad to the bone. All 800 broken ones.

3) Iko Takes on The Machete Gang in THE RAID!

Say what you will but it was The Raid that eventually put Uwais on the map. Iko has starred in Merantau prior to this but it was this free for all that really made people stand up and cheer. There’s so many to choose from in this movie but his altercation with the Machete Gang is a well crafted sequence of empty handed and bladed warfare with enough blood to satisfy horror aficionados. A classic.

2) Iko Takes on Yayan Ruhian and Announces Himself in MERANTAU!

Nothing will ever beat the time Iko and fellow ass kicker Yayan Ruhian took each other on for the first time in Merantau. These two are probably the best of friends in real life but you wouldn’t know it from all their onscreen beat downs. This one is confined to an elevator which makes the choreography all that more challenging but each man rises to the occasion and deliver a devastating action sequence. I always love a well executed CQB battle and this one is top tier!

Number One! Iko and Cecep Arif Rahman Destroy a Kitchen with Brutal Style in THE RAID 2!

I know some of you will disagree and personally I don’t care but this brawl in a kitchen with Iko and fellow head smasher Cecep Arif Rahman is a definitive highlight of a film that is overloaded with Oscar caliber punch fests. These two give it their all in a fight that showcases their brutal art and it’s a wonder one man was left standing at the end with all the blood that is shed. Pure martial arts bliss.

There you go! My five not to miss fight sequences from one of the most exciting stars in the genre. Iko Uwais is one of those performers that elevates anything he is in with his jaw dropping skills and here’s hoping he has many more years to deliver his insane and unrivaled fists and feet of fury!

Happy Birthday Iko from!!!

You’re Destination for Everything Action!

Be sure to check out my thoughts on Fistful of Vengeance in my exclusive review coming next week!

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