Vincent Zhao is Back in Action with District B-13’s David Belle for the New Period Actioner INVISIBLE TATTOO

By: John M Jerva

Asian martial arts action star Vincent Zhao (Wenzhuo Zhao) has always been an unsung hero of the genre in my eyes. After all, he’s given us multiple examples of high-octane, bone crunching entertainment like Another Meltdown, Body Weapon, Fist Power, True Legend and most recently Counter Attack which marked his directorial debut. That one is still on my must see list so hopefully it gets a release somewhere over in the US.

Zhao is back and he’s ready to rumble in the new period actioner Invisible Tattoo which sees him teaming up with Parkour stylist David Belle who is best known for the District B-13 films. This newest project for Zhao has been kicking around since 2018 but a domestic release is in sight along with new key art which you can view below.

Invisible Tattoo was helmed by Lu Yitong and also stars Mincheng Li (2018’s A Better Tomorrow), Kenji Sawada (The Happiness of the Katakuris), Sang Ping (Railroad Tigers), Julia Gama (Delírius Insurgentes) as well as Raquel Xu (Heroes Return).

Plot details are sketchy but it does feature Zhao playing a tattoo artist who is living in a salt industry town circa 1935.

A recent domestic trainer hit a while back which should peek your interest with its high powered fight sequences and some over the top looking action set pieces. The film hits this Friday overseas so here’s hoping it gets wider distribution soon.

Source: Asian Film Strike

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