EXCLUSIVE: ” I Must Break You” Action Icon Dolph Lundgren Talks CASTLE FALLS & More on The Action Fix Podcast!!!

By: John M Jerva

My next guest on the Action Fix Podcast literally needs no introduction but he damn sure deserves one so I’m going to enjoy this one. You know him as Ivan Drago in Rocky IV as well as such classic action films as Red Scorpion, The Punisher, I Come in Peace, Universal Soldier, Aquaman, The Expendables franchise and so much more. When action fans think of one iconic name, Dolph Lundgren certainly comes to mind. With over 100 credits in movies and television, both in front of and behind the camera, Dolph Lundgren is a walking, breathing action god amongst fans who consider this genre a religion. Hell, even those who aren’t familiar with action movies knows who he is and that right there is mad respect. Lundgren has been a staple in the entertainment industry for over 40 years now and he’s still going strong, kicking ass and taking names.
Image Courtesy of Muscle & Fitness
Lundgren is back this week and he’s not only starring in the new action-thriller Castle Falls with Scott Adkins but he returns to the director’s chair after a decade plus absence to deliver another old school, bone smashing flick that not only delivers the action but it also immerses the viewer in a character driven story.
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Dolph Lundgren in Expendables 2
Dolph Lundgren was gracious enough to visit this particular super fan’s podcast as he was literally filming Aquaman 2 and Expendables 4 back to back to chat about the new film, working with Adkins once again, returning to the director’s chair and filming when the pandemic first broke out.
Dolph Lundgren in a Publicity Image from Showdown In Little Tokyo
I’ve been a fan of Mr. Lundgren’s since Rocky IV first hit theaters back in 1985 and have seen all of his action movies more than once. I had to pinch myself during the interview as it was an honor to talk to the man who has given me countless hours of high-octane excitement for years. I’m not going to lie but I geeked out big time during this one so excuse me if I sound like a kid in a candy store. I can’t thank him enough for taking the time out of his busy schedule to chat with me and I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did doing it!
Dolph Lundgren in Castle Falls

This is the exclusive interview with action mega star Dolph Lundgren on this episode of The Action Fix Podcast. Enjoy!!!

CASTLE FALLS hits this Friday in select theaters as well as Digital & VOD.
Check out our early review of the film here!

After decades of neglect, Castle Heights Hospital, a symbol of the city’s segregated past, has been packed with dynamite and is ready to be demolished. No one knows that a gang leader, now in prison, hid the 3 million dollars in cash he stole from his rivals inside the abandoned building. Now, three desperate parties want the money – a blue-collared ex-fighter (Scott Adkins) who finds it while working as part of the demolition crew, a prison guard (Dolph Lundgren) willing to do anything to pay for his daughter’s cancer treatment, and a ruthless gang who claim to be the rightful owners. The demolition charges are set, everyone clears out and the Castle is set to fall in 90 minutes. The clock is ticking. Who will seize the cash … and will they get out alive?

Starring: Scott Adkins, Dolph Lundgren, Kevin Wayne, Jim E. Chandler, Luke Hawx, Scott Hunter and Kim DeLonghi

Directed by: Dolph Lundgren

Screenplay by: Andrew Knauer

In Theaters, On Demand and Digital: December 3rd



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