The Action Fix: Happy Birthday Michael Jai White!

By: John M Jerva

As action stars go, Michael Jai White is legit. He’s got multiple black belts in various styles and when he throws a kick or punch it both, the next zip code feels it. White has starred in many action hits but has also dabbled in other genres as well so he’s definitely an acting threat in the industry and will be for years to come.

Today is Michael’s birthday so it’s customary here at to share a high-octane fight clip from the star who has given us many hours of bone crunching and neck snapping entertainment.

For Michael’s special day this year, we’ve chosen the hyper-kinetic brawl from Never Back Down: No Surrender which features the star taking on the tower of power in Nathan Jones. Watch the melee below!

White took over the Never Back Down franchise and put the franchise to new heights in the last two entries where he also directed them as well. The first film was good but White brought a real sense of legit martial arts firepower to the movies with some expertly choreographed sequences that highlighted the star’s exceptional skills.

White stars as former MMA champ Case Walker who after years of living in seclusion embarks on the comeback trail to regaining his championship status as a fighter. Of course, he’s got to go through some pretty bad dudes with Jones being one of them and the two engage in one hell of throw down of epic proportions.

Happy Birthday Michael and here’s to many more years of kicking ass on the screen!

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