RIVALS: War is Coming Back in the New Graphic Novel Series Featuring Gary Daniels! Kickstarter Campaign is Live

By: John M Jerva

This is just simply cool. Action Star and martial arts ace Gary Daniels is featured in a new graphic novel series that is currently running a Kickstarter campaign. The series is called Rivals and it tells the story of a distant planet that descends into chaos. Daniels stars as Sago Astar who is a fight trainer and guard to the leader of Jaan City, Sword Dorn Haath. I couldn’t think of any action star with the look to go with this and his name in the story is flat out action awesome.

The graphic novel was created by Paul Gerrard and Mike Clarke and there is a Kickstarter campaign that is currently active for it to help crowd fund the project. The campaign has 27 days to go and is more than halfway to its goal of $7,573. As always, there are cool perks for those who invest in this so check out the great visuals and info below! Let’s make it happen!

Rivals has been promised and teased for long enough. Creators Paul Gerrard ( Hellboy, Evil Dead Rise, D&D, Hellraiser Origins, MOTU Dark, Indy 5) and Mike Clarke (Karli ) of Final Impact Comics are now ready to unleash their dark action fantasy unto the world with RIVALS. This one shot issue ‘The Hands of the Ghosts’is where it all begins, exploring and introducing the world with a prologue story, concept art and behind the scenes info.

RIVALS is a Graphic Novel series created by Gerrard and Clarke . Set in a medieval and dark fantasy world with post-apocalyptic overtones, the story revolves around the character Sago Astar – a fight trainer and guard to the leader of Jaan City, Sword Dorn Haath. Though it is a fortified emporium and the one true stronghold on planet Alter, Jaan City is under constant threat from the leaders of the planet’s other six large cities , including the Gokin – a biomechanical and weapon-fused race, and the Dark Mizus amongst many other horrors. Rivals is a new action-packed and epic saga to rival all others. Prepare for war and adventure, for it is coming in droves

The one shot graphic novel is complete so the Kickstarter campaign is to help finance the Rivals series. The artwork is amazing and Daniels looks fantastic in graphic novel form. I’m a huge Gary Daniels fan ever since the 90’s and an even bigger comic book aficionado so it’s stellar to see both of these collide with the British kicking machine star in a graphic novel.

Check out the official Kickstarter Rivals page for all the details and perks!

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