Exclusive Interview: Paul Sloan On His New Action-Thriller EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!

By: John M Jerva

I’m going to reiterate what I said in my review for Every Last One of Them before we get started with the interview.

“The one good thing about doing this site is the fact that I can champion for underrated action stars who certainly need more love from fans in the genre. There’s a great deal of talent that have been quietly kicking ass for some years that just don’t get the level of recognition they deserve and it’s high time we shine the spotlight on them for the great work they’ve been doing.”

One such actor is Paul Sloan who has been in some truly fine indie action product like Choker (AKA Disturbance), Stilleto, Vigilante Diaries and one of my personal favorites Night Crew. Sloan has done much more than just action but it’s these types of films that he certainly excels in and always brings a level of intensity, brute force and bravado that is desperately needed in action cinema. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the man can also act and bring it in the more dramatic scenes besides the high-octane entertainment aspect of the film.”

Check out my full review here!

Now on with the show. In this exclusive interview on The Action Fix Podcast, Paul stops by to chat about his newest action/thriller Every Last One of Them. It’s a bruising, old school, kick ass action film with Paul front and center as a special forces operator looking for his missing daughter and hell is about to break loose. It’s got firefights and fisticuffs galore and a must for serious hardcore action fans.

It’s action star Paul Sloan on this episode of The Action Fix Podcast! Enjoy!

Ex-Black Ops soldier Jake Hunter is desperate to find his missing daughter. As Jake uncovers the terrifying truth surrounding her disappearance, he goes on a merciless quest for revenge, bringing those responsible to justice in this gripping thriller.

Thanks Paul for an amazing interview and be sure to check out his new actioner Every Last One of Them which is now in select theaters and available on Digital and On Demand from Saban Films!

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