Scott Adkins has ONE SHOT as the New Trailer, Key Art and Image Hits for the Navy SEAL Actioner Filmed in Real Time! (Update: Home Video Box Art Debuts!)

By: John M Jerva

Update: Screen Media Films has released the official box cover art for One Shot. The new image, which you can view below, is slightly different from the original key art further down below.

The newer cover is definitely sporting a more patriotic feel with the inclusion of the American flag but all three stars are still front and center on it.

(Original Post) Action star Scott Adkins has taken to social media to announce that a trailer for his highly anticipated one take action film One Shot is here. The announcement comes with new key art featuring himself and cast members Ryan Phillippe and Ashley Greene Khoury. Check it out below along with a new image of Adkins in full tactical gear as he plays the leader of a group of Navy SEALS that embark on a do or die mission. The biggest take on the film is that it’s shot in real time! Scott is back and he’s laying down tracer Fire in his latest action offering!

“Making One Shot was like grading for my black belt,” Adkins, 45, tells PEOPLE. “Tough on the body, mentally draining but incredibly rewarding.”

“Creating this level of action and drama in a single shot is the pinnacle of filmmaking and I’m so incredibly proud of what myself, director James Nunn and the rest of the team pulled off,” he adds.

The official synopsis reads:

“In an effort to prevent a terrorist attack on Washington D.C., an elite squad of Navy SEALs led by Lt. Blake Harris (Adkins) and a junior CIA analyst Zoe Anderson (Greene) must retrieve a detainee from a CIA black site island prison.

Tensions flare as Deputy Site Manager Jack Yorke (Phillippe) refuses to release the suspected terrorist based solely on Anderson’s intel, but when the base comes under attack by waves of insurgents they must band together to complete the mission.”

The new trailer isn’t short on the adrenaline and Adkins is in fine form as Lt. Blake Harris who must quell a terrorist takeover as he and his men run low on ammo. There’s also some brief glimpses of CQB fight action so it looks like Adkins is running and gunning as well as delivering the bone crunching fights and exhilarating knife action choreography.

Phillippe also looks like he’s going to get his hands dirty as a Deputy Site Manager who first comes to odds with Adkins only to pick up arms himself when the shit hits the fan. There is ample footage of Phillippe locking and loading in some of the film’s massive set pieces.

With complaints roaming the internet over the use of shaky cam and quick editing in today’s current crop of action movies, it looks like we finally have a film that’ll showcase the talent involved and deliver what is promised. Adkins is the sort of action actor that is tailor made for this concept and his on screen abilities will most likely be enhanced with the “oner” or one shot/one take film gimmick. He is the type of talent that just excels on screen and when he is utilized properly, it’s action poetry in motion. Even when post production lets him down, Adkins still elevates any action film because of his true abilities. That’s how you know the man has insane skills.

It certainly appears that One Shot might just be one of the best action films of the year and a sure fire way to end 2021.

Green Street: Underground director James Nunn reunites with Adkins to try his hand at the one shot action film which promises to utilize the least amount of edits possible. The movie was penned by Jamie Russell and is based on a story by Nunn himself.

One Shot also stars Jess Liaudin, Emmanuel Imani, Dino Kelly, Jack Parr, Lee Charles and Waleed Elgadi.

Be sure to check out my exclusive review of the movie when the action pic hits.

One Shot hits Theaters, Digital and VOD on November 5th from Screen Media Films ahead of its Blu-Ray and DVD launch the next month on December 7th.

Check out the explosions, firepower and trademark Scott Adkins action in the new trailer below!

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