BORROWED TIME III: The New Trailer for Alan Delabie’s Vigilante Trilogy Signals the End is Near

By: John M Jerva

Martial artist and filmmaker Alan Delabie is back for one more round as the third and final installment of his vigilante thriller franchise aptly titled Borrowed Tme III is ready to be released and a new trailer and two one sheets have just dropped to signal that the end is near. The Borrowed Time films started out as a web series but have since morphed into feature length films boasting a sensational action cast. Delabie plays Franck, an ex-con who is terminally ill and running on borrowed time. Before his time ends, he’s going to save those he loves and take on the criminal element that threatens the city. Check out the new footage and key art below!

In Borrowed Tme III, Franck will have to face his demons in an attempt to save the people he loves.

Joining Delabie for the action packed send off is a cast of who’s who in action including Louis Mandylor ( Debt Collector 1 & 2 )Costas Mandylor ( SAW , Cosmic Sin )Matthias Hues (I Come in Peace , Kickboxer2 , Fist Fighter ), Ron Smoorenburg ( Never Back Down 3 , Triple Threat , Who am I), Mark Stas ( English Dogs , Haphazard). Afif Ben Badra and the Sandman himself Patrick Kilpatrick. Other cast additions include Jean Marie Paris, Michael Segal and Catriona MacColl.  

Kilpatrick is in fine villain form here and action fans will certainly take note that his character says the iconic “bring me a dream” quote that he made so popular in Death Warrant with JCVD.

Borrowed Time III is set to be released soon so check out the newest trailer for the fight filled action-thriller below!

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