ASSAULT ON RIO BRAVO: Alexander Nevsky Takes Aim with New Teaser Key Art for His Upcoming Western!

By: John M Jerva

With a sequel already in the works, we have some traction on the soon to be released first film which is an action/horror/western titled Assault on Rio Bravo from international action star and filmmaker Alexander Nevsky.

A new one sheet has dropped which showcases Nevsky taking aim with a rifle as the rest of the cast including Matthias Hues, Anna Oris, Joe Cornet and Olivier Gruner are predominantly featured on the bottom. The poster even radiates a throwback western look to get fans in the mood for what’s about to come.

Texas, 1875 – A bloodthirsty gang of outlaws is on the eve of attacking a border town to free their leader from prison. They’re an army of ruthless killers known as the most dangerous gang in the West. Their plan is to burn the entire town to the ground with everyone who in it. But a handle of warriors led by a mysterious foreigner will stand in their way…

Featuring a great action cast including Nevsky, Gruner and Hues will assuredly promise some exhilarating action set pieces and Nevsky has been seen brandishing some immense fire power. Nevsky promises a thrilling film with elements of such action greats as Cobra and John Wick with a Spaghetti Western flair. 

In a statement, Nevsky said: “It’s my first Western and I’m really excited about it! It will have a strong story and a crazy action scenes (think of classic “Spaghetti Western” meets “Cobra” and “JohnWick!”)

Joe Cornet also directed the movie and is expected to return to the helmer’s chair for the second one which is slated to go in front of the cameras this November. Nevsky is also producing once again via his Hollywood Storm production banner. Craig Hamman (Showdown in Manila), who wrote the first screenplay, is penning the script.

Cornet also starred in and directed the recent western Promise which received 15 nominations at The Wild Bunch Film Festival including Best Picture and Best Director.

Exclusive Image: Joe Cornet with Alexander Nevsky on set

The trailer for the first flick was launched a few months back which is locked and loaded with shootouts, stunts and Nevsky doing what he does best. Check it out below!

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more release info to come on Assault on Rio Bravo as we are your destination for everything action!!!!

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