The Action Elite War Room Live: The Yin & Yang of SNAKE EYES- GI JOE ORIGINS

By: John M Jerva

I never got to do a proper review of one of my most anticipated films of the year in Snake Eyes GI Joe Origins unfortunately due to time constraints and life in general so it was great to finally chat about the film and my passion for all things Snake and GI Joe as well as serve up my feelings on the film with my brother in action Eoin Friel of The Action Elite.

Although the film had issues, I still had a great time with it and there were many things I dug about it including the performances of Henry Golding and Andrew Koji who stole the show by the way. The shaky cam didn’t ruin it for me as there were still solid action elements and there were some great nods to fans of the subject matter. Was it the Snake Eyes movie I wanted…yes and no so check out our full conversation on the subject on this week’s episode of The Action Elite War Room Live!

Of course we go off script as usual, including forgetting Chadwick Boseman’s name which, I think, is illegal in some states, talking the awesomeness of Raging Fire with Donnie Yen and finally mentioning Sensei Seagal because I think every episode ends up leading back to him for some reason.

All in all, Snake Eyes GI Joe Origins was a fun and exciting action film, even though Golding doesn’t put on the damn outfit until the very end which affected my score for it and even though we probably won’t get a proper follow up as the movie is underperforming at the box office, it still has a place in my heart…worts and all. Now excuse me while I go online and buy some Snake Eyes related goodies.

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