The Action Fix: Remembering a True Martial Arts Star- Brad Allan

By: John M Jerva

Yesterday came word that the action cinema community lost one of its finest when it was reported that martial artist, star and stunt and fight coordinator Brad Allan sadly passed away. Allan was a true pioneer in the industry and was the first westerner to be accepted into Jackie Chan’s famed stunt team. Not only did Allan show the world what he was made of, he was a trailblazer in front of and behind the camera.

Allan was instrumental in working on such films as Wonder Woman, Avatar, Ninja Assassin, and Kingsman which were some of his most prolific works in stunts but he lit up the screen countless times with his martial arts wizardry and death defying skills. His most memorable throw down was with Jackie Chan in the film Gorgeous and while that film may not be one of Chan’s best work, that fight scene transcended the movie itself and became its own classic.

With that, we honor the man by sharing one of his most memorable fights of his career as this week’s Action Fix showcases his timeless talent in a showreel courtesy of Extreme prod. On YouTube. Why show one scene when you can show more and this video definitely puts it into perspective on what a true talent this man was.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and fans and know that he will never be forgotten and will live forever in the many extreme moments he has given us on film.

RIP Warrior…

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