ULTIMATE CODE: Things Blow Up and Bullets Fly in Slow-Mo in the Latest Teaser for the Next Chinese Action Spectacle!

By: John M Jerva

It’s been a while since our friends over at Asian Film Fans have supplied us with some high-octane thrills but the drought is officially over as we have a new teaser for the upcoming Chinese action fest Ultimate Code.

Hailing from director Zhiting Wu who also stars, Ultimate Code also features Lu Meng, Philippe Joly and District B-13’s David Belle so expect some awesome action set pieces in this one. Take a gander at the official key art below along with the official Chinese translated synopsis!

In 2025, Mr. M released a chip plan to the outside world in the name of benefiting mankind. The press conference was destroyed by the killer Enoch who escaped from the organization and had to mobilize Xiao Yu, who was imprisoned in Death Valley, to perform the task. Xiao Yu, who refused to accept the control of the organization and was seriously injured, was captured by the x company controlled by Mr.M. Mr.M used Xiao Yu’s wife and daughter to coerce him and retrieve three pieces of source code.

“Xiao Yu”, the top international killer controlled by the organization, had to recover the source code chip for his daughter and his wife despite having justice. And where is the fate of mankind…

The film is expected to hit domestically in China on July 16th and the teaser is a fast one featuring nothing but explosive visuals of fisticuffs, firepower and explosions so genre fans will certainly be interested in this one.

Zhiting Wu seems to be a new player in the Asian action circle so it’ll be interesting to see how he does headlining the film but from the fast and furious footage, he looks like he’ll do just fine.

Belle plays the role of Enoch and it looks like he’s on bad guy duties so I’m expecting a throw down between him and his parkour skills and Wu. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Belle so his casting is a welcome addition.

Once I have more info on this one, you’ll see it here but in the meantime, watch the latest tease below!

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