TRIPLE THREAT’s Tiger Chen & THE PROTECTOR’s Johnny Nguyễn Join Scott Adkins on THE ART OF ACTION!

By: John M Jerva

Being on vacation a few weeks ago, I of course, missed a few things in the realm of action cinema and slowly but surely, I’m catching up. I hope to be fully caught up by the time I go on vacation next year.

One of the biggest things I missed was that Scott Adkins’ co-star in Triple Threat, the one and only Tiger Chen, joined him on another awesome episode of the Art of Action!

Chen has dazzled many action fans in movies like the aforementioned Triple Threat as well as others like Man of Tai Chi which pitted him against a very evil Keanu Reeves who also helmed the pic.

Check out the episode below!

In episode 32, Scott is joined by Wu Shu expert Tiger Chen who was an integral part of Yuen Wo Ping’s stunt team and Keanu Reeves’s martial arts trainer for The Matrix films. Tiger is the star of martial arts films such as Man of Tai Chi, Kung Fu Man & Triple Threat.

0:00 Intro 0:54 Martial Arts Background 6:00 Joining Yeun Woo Ping Stunt Team 10:35 The Matrix 15:43 Unleashed 17:25 The Matrix: Reloaded 22:07 Developing Man of Tai Chi with Keanu Reeves 26:49 Kung Fu Man 28:54 Man of Tai Chi 37:40 John Wick 3 39:12 Triple Threat

Next up, today, Scott premiered another new episode where he welcomes Vietnamese-American martial arts actor Johnny Trí Nguyễn who has been seen in The Protector with Tony Jaa. Trí Nguyễn has also served as a stunt pro on numerous projects as well as served as a fight choreographer.

Scott’s chat with Johnny is now live so watch it below!

In episode 33, Scott is joined by Vietnamese-American actor and martial artist Johnny Trí Nguyễn. Johnny is a Vietnamese–American actor, action choreographer, martial artist and stuntman who is mainly known for appearing in The Protector with Tony Jaa and starring in the Vietnamese action films The Rebel in 2007 and The Clash in 2009.

0:00 Intro 1:36 Martial Arts Background 8:48 Getting into Stunts 10:56 Cradle 2 The Grave 12:56 Jet Li & Sammo Hung don’t rehearse fights 15:24 Tony Jaa 17:46 The Protector 23:42 Hard Visceral Hits 26:07 The Rebel 42:49 Veronica Ngo 44:25 The Art of Action 48:06 CG Head Kicks 55:10 Aerial Kicks 56:30 The Clash 58:28 Bui Doi Cho

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