ROGUE HOSTAGE: A New Trailer Hits for the Tyrese Gibson & Michael Jai White Led DIE HARD Style Actioner! (Update: Releases in June!)

By: John M Jerva

Update: Just a quick mention that Rogue Hostage is set to hit select theaters and On Demand on June 11, 2021!

(Original Post) A new trailer has dropped for Fast & Furious star Tyrese Gibson’s new action-thriller which also features Michael Jai White. The move is called Rogue Hostage and at one time it was titled Red 48 but as I figured, that has changed to the more audience friendly title you see above.

Check out the action packed trailer below courtesy of Vertical Entertainment!

Kyle Snowden, a Child Protective Services officer, who is trapped in a store along with several other desperate people who are all taken hostage by the maniac militant Eagan Raize and his three followers.

Held captive in the store with Snowden are Manny, a Mexican immigrant child that Snowden is tasked with protecting, Sam Safty, Snowden’s stepfather, a Congressman who owns the store that has been taken over, the smart steadfast store manager, Sunshine, and her wife and employee Rainey, and finally Mikki, a kleptomaniac teenager.

Within the tense confines of the store, the hostages must work to stay alive and stop the group of terrorists all while secrets unfold as Raize’s personal vendetta against Safty is revealed.

The film was helmed by Jon Keeyes from a script penned by Mickey Solis. Also starring are Chris Backus from Bosch and Big Little Lies who is playing the heavy as well as Hollywood mainstay John Malkovich.

This is yet another Die Hard clone but hopefully Gibson and White can elevate it and the action sequences do look exciting. Unfortunately, White isn’t shown mixing it up but there are ample examples of Gibson taking out the trash.

No distribution info is available at the time of writing so expect more to follow in the future. Keep it locked and loaded right here for more as we are your destination for everything action!

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