Lateef Crowder, The Capoeira Mestre , Joins Scott Adkins on the ART OF ACTION!

By: John M Jerva

In martial arts cinema, Lateef Crowder is one bad ass hombre having taken on some of the best in the business. From Scott Adkins to Jon Foo to Michael Jai White, Crowder has dazzled fans all over the world with his arsenal of jaw dropping, extreme martial arts moves. Crowder has appeared in some action cinema classics like Falcon Rising and Undisputed 3: Redemption which is arguably he best western martial arts flick around.

Now Adkins is back after filming One Shot for another dose of the Art of Action where he chats with his opponent from the third Undisputed film and gets into Crowder’s background as well as their faithful altercation in the movie.

Check it out below!

In episode 30, Scott Adkins is joined by one of the top martial arts stuntmen in the world and Capoeira Master Lateef Crowder.

0:00​ Intro 4:00​ Martial Arts Background 5:50​ History of Capoiera 7:40​ The Game of Capoiera 8:35​ Punches in Capoiera 10:27​ Early Lateef Crowder Showreel 11:17​ Zero Gravity Stunts 12:15​ The Protector 21:42​ Larnell Stovall 23:30​ Undisputed 3 25:13​ Fighting Boyka 32:25​ Mortal Kombat 34:20​ Tekken 37:40​ Michael Jai White 40:42​ The Lost Scott Adkins Capoiera Movie 43:30​ The Mandalorian 38:57​ Tony Jaa 40:00​ Tiger Chen 41:05​ No Ego 43:12​ Stuber


As an added bonus, check out their explosive and epic dual from Undisputed 3: Redemption!!!

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