A New Trailer Drops for the Mickey Rourke & Eric Roberts Led Thriller NIGHT WALK

By: John M Jerva

Genre staples and Academy Award nominees Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts star in the new action-thriller Night Walk which tells the story of an American framed for his girlfriend’s murder. He doesn’t take it lying down of course and he teams up with some savage characters to right the wrong and make those responsible pay.

A new trailer for the film had just surfaced so check out the gritty action surge in the new promo along with fresh key art.

In Night Walk, Frank, an American, visits the Middle East with his girlfriend, Sarah. When Sarah is killed in a police incident, Frank is framed for her murder and sent to a prison in the U.S. After uncovering the conspiracy that led to Frank’s sentence, his friend dies mysteriously. Seeking justice, Frank must partner with a dangerous gang in his plan to escape prison.

WAtch Movie Last MAN DOWN -720p

Helmed by Aziz Tazi, this one boasts a pretty great ensemble cast including Sean Stone, Richard Tyson, Louis Mandylor, Patrick Kilpatrick, Ricco Ross, and the late, great Tom “Tony” Lister.

Night Walk is set to release on Digital and On Demand on June 15th.

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