Hell is About to be Unleashed in the Trailer for the Action/Horror Film WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME on DVD & VOD May 4th

By: John M Jerva

Uncork’d Entertainment has unleashed a brand new trailer for the upcoming action/horror flick Wrong Place, Wrong Time. The movie centers on elite vigilantes who get a lot more then they bargained for when the run across a family who isn’t all that they seem. What happens next is surely to include a lot of blood and ammo spent as well as most of the cast not surviving the night. New key art is also up so check it out below ahead of its May premiere on DVD and VOD!

In the tradition of Shadow in the Cloud and Resident Evil, and from the director of The Elf and the 13th Friday , Wrong Place, Wrong Time premiering On Demand this May from Uncork’d Entertainment.

An elite team of vigilantes plot to steal 14 billion dollars of laundered money from a notorious mob boss. After being double-crossed, they find refuge in the middle of nowhere with a mysterious family carrying an unsettling secret. They discover that the man of the house is a creature of the dark and they must fight to survive the night.

From director Justin Price, and starring Franziska Schissler, Justin Price, Bianca Stein, Alex Ryan Brown, Chase Garland, Olivia Rivera, Mike Markoff, Timothy McKinney, Marcia Vargas, Karen Carreno, and Natalia Rangel, Wrong Place, Wrong Time premieres On Demand and DVD May 4, 2021.

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