THE PAPER TIGERS: Well Go USA Unleashes the Trailer and Key Art for the Feel Good/Kung Fu/Action-Comedy of the Year!

By: John M Jerva

Here’s one Kung Fu feel good comedy I’ve been waiting to see and today Well Go USA has unveiled official key art and trailer for their newest offering titled The Paper Tigers. The film which stars Alain Uy, Ron Yuan and Mykel Shannon Jenkins cast three over the hill martial artists who must shake off the rust in their skills and their friendship when their sifu is murdered forcing them to go on an all out martial arts fueled mission of vengeance. Midlife crisis included.

As teenagers, kung fu aficionados Danny (Uy), Hing (Yuan), and Jim (Jenkins) were inseparable, but drifted apart after graduation due to a mysterious fallout at an overseas tournament. Fast forward 25 years, and each has grown into a washed-up middle-aged man seemingly one kick away from pulling a hamstring—and not at all preoccupied with thoughts of martial arts or childhood best friends. But when their old master is murdered, the trio will reunite after decades of silence, soon learning that avenging their sifu will require conquering old grudges (and a dangerous hitman still armed with ample knee cartilage) if they are to honorably defend his legacy.

Directed by Tran Quoc Biao, the movie made its debut at the Fantasia International Film Festival to glowing reviews and the trailer below serves up a healthy dose of indie fight action coupled with equal parts humor as our three protagonists try to relive their glory days before their bodies started feeling their age in order to bring those responsible for their mentor’s murder to justice. Bodies will fall and one liners will fly in this one so definitely check it out.

The Paper Tigers is set to take out the VOD competition on May 7th when it hits select cinemas and Digital. In the meantime, check out the bone crunching, feel good vibes in the new trailer below!

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