Alan Delabie is Living on BORROWED TIME in the New Teaser for His Action Flick!

By: John M Jerva

Martial artist and filmmaker Alan Delabie is hard at work on the third installment of his action trilogy Borrowed Time which formally went by the the name of Denard. Delabie once again is bringing in a host of action talent for the project including Ron Smoorenburg , Mark Stas , Louis Mandylor , Costas Mandylor and Michel Qissi.

The trilogy which started out as a web series is loaded with fisticuffs galore to satisfy genre fans and we have your first look at the new key art band trailer footage below!

A vigilante, Franck Denard is released from prison after serving 10-years for a crime he didn’t commit. Discovering he’s on borrowed time with a brain tumor, he sets out for one last blood-thirsty fight seeking redemption and vengeance.

The third installment is currently filming and Kickboxer director David Worth is helming the U.S. portions of the film. Other territories where filming is taking place include Europe and Thailand. Take a peek at some exclusive images below!

The films so far have won numerous awards including:

Best Duo Acting with Louis Mandylor Vegas Movie Awards

Best Director and Actor at Istanbul Film Awards

Best Actor Awards Los Angeles 2020

Best Cast Ensemble at New York International Film Awards

Borrowed Time will hit Digital and DVD soon so in the meantime, check out the newest trailer in the player below!

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