The Action gets Brutal and Bloody in the New Trailer for EXILED: THE CHOSEN ONES!

By: John M Jerva

While the latest round of delays plagues upcoming blockbusters as theaters struggle to open or remain open, we are thankfully still getting a healthy dose of independent action cinema to entertain us during these uncertain times. The newest trailer tease comes from the upcoming action-thriler Exiled: The Chosen Ones which hails from filmmaker Ranjeet S. Marwa and stars resident bad ass Sunny Pang who is best known for starring in some other brutal action pics like Headshot and The Night Comes for Us. This newest collaboration takes a cue from The Most Dangerous Game where individuals are pitted against each other in barbaric fashion. Along with the latest promo spot, we also have a new poster which debuted not too long ago so check them both out below and get ready for some bloody good fun.

After a man-made virus failed to reduce the world’s overpopulated areas, global leaders would start a new program that would legitimize a new venture in a game show. The game would be broadcast live, where random contestants would be exiled into a concrete jungle, forced to kill each other for their freedom. Viewers would place their bets on who had a chance at survival. Be that as it may…no one survives the game.

Marwa definitely has a unique vision here and if this one is like his other offerings in the past then genre viewers are in for one wild and extreme ride. Marwa is also known for the documentary COVID-19: The Impact on Asian Cinema which highlighted the effects the virus has had on the industry.

Other cast members include Hannah Al-Rashid, Nick Khan and Oka Antara. Marwa , who penned the script as well, also has the action pics Blood Rush and Traced waiting in the wings as well so the future is looking real good for the British born filmmaker.

While we wait for more info on this one, check out the carnage on display in this latest trailer!

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