HAYMAKER: A Fighter Risks it All for What’s Right in the New Action-Drama from Gravitas Ventures! In Theaters & VOD January 29th!

By: John M Jerva

Screenwriter, director and leading man Nick Sasso delivers a powerful knockout punch with the new action-drama Haymaker which is set to debut in theaters, digital and VOD this January from Gravitas Ventures. To celebrate the release, we have the official key art, trailer and images from the film which sees a former fighter risk it all for what’s right. Check it out below!

HAYMAKER follows a retired Muay Thai fighter (Sasso) working as a bouncer, who rescues an alluring transgender performer (Ruiz) from a nefarious thug, eventually becoming her bodyguard, protector, and confidant. The relationship leads Sasso’s character to make an unexpected return to fighting, risking not only his relationship, but his life. Haymaker tells a story about human dignity and love.

The directorial and screenwriting debut by Nick Sasso, he stars in the film along with Nomi Ruiz (Away We Go), John Ventimiglia (The Sopranos), Veronica Falcón (Queen of the South), Udo Kier (Brawl in Cell Block 99), Zoë Bell (One Upon a Time…In Hollywood) and D.B. Sweeney (The Cutting Edge).

Filled with intense emotion, drama and brutal fight action, Haymaker is poised and ready to hit theaters as well as digital and VOD on January 29th courtesy of Kamikaze Dogfight and Gravitas Ventures which has a solid history of releasing films with substance. Check out the new trailer below!

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