120 HOURS: The Past is Never Forgotten in the Trailer for the Upcoming British Action-Thriller

By: John M Jerva

It’s amazing how sometimes I just stumble across a movie that wasn’t on my radar initially and thankfully for the internet (it does serve some food you know) I have a new trailer for an upcoming military themed action-thriller titled 120 Hours which hails from Indian director N.T. Nantha who is best known for directing the Indian action film Valladesam.

The film revolves around a special forces soldier named Mark Sheldon (Paul Terry) who upon returning home from Afghanistan, discovers his wife dead and 19 year old daughter kidnapped. Apparently the past has come back to haunt Sheldon and now he must embark on a very personal mission of vengeance. Expect the bodies to hit the floor with this one.

The film also stars Sean Cronin, Iman Zand, Vic Waghorn, Mark Sears, Rory Locke and Andrei Lenart.

This is Nantha’s first official Hollywood film and the trailer definitely oozes with atmosphere, drama and exhilarating action set pieces. Terry also does a rather ominous voiceover declaring that the past is never forgotten and that the sh!t is pretty much about to hit the fan. Fans will be happy to know that the movie will be loaded with fight sequences and firefights so check those boxes accordingly.

Release info is pending for the time being but you can bet I’ll be keeping an eye on this one do in the meantime, view the new trailer below!

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