Scott Adkins Welcomes Fellow British Kicking Machine Gary Daniels to THE ART OF ACTION!

By: John M Jerva

Besides Jeff Speakman, this is the guest I have been waiting for on The Art of Action and he has finally arrived. Fellow British kicking machine and 90’s action Star Gary Daniels is this week’s guest with Scott Adkins. To know me is yo know that besides Chuck Norris and Speakman, Daniels is one of my all time favorite martial arts superstars and he has headlined some of my favorite 90’s action flicks like Fist of the Northstar, Riot and Recoil to just name a few of the many classic movies in his filmography.

Just like Adkins, Daniels is well known in the action cinema circuit for his tremendous flexibility and awesome kicking skills which includes a devastating jump spinning hook kick. Daniels makes it look easy on screen and he’s still going strong today.

Adkins is returning to work this week as his newest action offering Castle Falls which also stars Dolph Lundgren who helms as well is back in front of the cameras in Birmingham, Alabama. It’ll be interesting to see how many of these Adkins does in the future but it’s great to see him doing what he does best again.

Check out some of the other iconic guests on past episodes by hitting up Adkins’ YouTube channel. Past interviews include Steven Seagal, Mark Dacascos, Michael Jai White, Tony Jaa, Loren Avedon & Cynthia Rothrock. How’s that for a who’s who of action cinema greatness.

In the meantime, check out Daniels and Adkins as they chat it up about his career, training, films and all things action on the newest installment of The Art of Action! After all, before there was Scott Adkins…there was Gary Daniels!

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