Kenpo Master Jeff Speakman Visits with Scott Adkins on THE ART Of ACTION!

By: John M Jerva

Everyone who knows me knows that Jeff Speakman and his debut action pic The Perfect Weapon changed my life for the better as the day after seeking it on opening night at the theater, I finally took the plunge and signed up for Karate lessons. Now, thirty some odd years later, I have been practicing the art of Ed Parker Kenpo and I was an instructor for over twenty years and also became a national and state champion in tournament competition at the turn of the century. I always wanted to study the Martial Arts but never pulled the trigger until that faithful night. The rest as they say is history.

Speakman was a hit in his first film with his demonstration of the awesomely brutal and beautiful art of Kenpo in the film and even though he didn’t become the big action star everyone was hoping for, he is in my book. He had the skills, the charisma and the acting chops and to this day is one of my favorites. I owe it all to him.

Now, Speakman is the latest guest on action Star Scott Adkins’ The Art of Action and it is one of the best interviews I’ve seen him in. Adkins, who is a bona fide action star in his own right, knows what questions to ask and really gets to the heart of Speakman’s career in film and as an icon in the martial arts.

Speakman, as many people know, is a survivor of throat cancer and is a true testament to being a model for others who are suffering from the same disease. Not only is he a survivor but he is also still going strong teaching the great art of Kenpo to the masses around the world. I’m currently training with Mr. Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 and it is a great blend of Kenpo and MMA style of training.

I enjoy all of Mr. Speakman’s films besides The Perfect Weapon as he is someone who can elevate any film by just being on in it. Speakman always made sure to incorporate Kenpo in all his films and was exciting and thrilling to watch. His hands just exploded with power and force that were unequaled.

Check out what Mr. Speakman has to say about his life and career as he chats with Adkins on this week’s The Art Of Action!

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