Tubi Top 5: Five High-Octane Action Titles Worth Checking Out on the Free Streaming Site!

By: John M Jerva

Just like millions of people out there, I have forgone cable a few years ago and have been streaming ever since with my trusty Roku systems in my house. The devise enables viewers to watch hundreds of thousands choices and it varies from paid sites to free ones where there are limited commercial interruptions.

One such site is Tubi which is a popular free streaming service that offers up all genres in movies and television. They range from old and harder to find titles to more recent fare and I finally decided to add it to my system and check it out to see what it offers.

I was floored when I saw all the titles available and was even surprised at some of the popular titles that are on the site and was immediately hooked so I set up my account and away I went.

Needless to say that I have been enjoying the free site so much that I have officially created a section here on the site called the Tubi Top 5 where I count down, in no particular order, all the action cinema goodies that you can watch right now. So without further ado, here’s my first top 5 of action titles to check out on Tubi!

1. Abduction

There’s no denying that Scott Adkins is one of the premiere action stars out there and every year, the man cranks out 3 to 4 titles for his fans to chomp on and each film serves up plenty of phenomenal action and most recently, sone pretty damn good drama as well.

Last year, Adkins took a break from working with filmmaker Jesse V. Johnson and their brand of gritty and brutal action entries and delivered thus tongue in cheek sci-fi action extravaganza where he reunited with his Black Mask 2: City of Masks co-star Andy On in a tale of a man on a quest to find his missing daughter. With no memory of who he is at first Adkins starts to piece things together and realizes that aliens are among us. Adkins teams up with On, who is looking for his wife as well, and together the two set out to battle the threat and rescue their loved ones.

The film goes off the track to say the least and it’s easily one of Adkins’ less stellar entries but damn it if it isn’t fun and silly and it involves Adkins kicking the appropriate amount of ass. On gets to have fun as well and the highlight of the flick is a show stopping battle between the two that is worth watching the film by itself.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out as it’s free and if you’re inclined, check out my review here. I think you’ll have fun with it.

2. Hawk The Slayer

I’m 47 years young and that means I was watching flicks back in the heyday of the 80’s and with the decade cane some pretty far out choices that definitely wouldn’t be made today. One such title is the 1980 sword and sorcery epic Hawk The Slayer. I remember watching this film numerous times on Cinemax back in the day and loved every minute of it. I still do to this day.

This film isn’t for everyone and those who like their action with cheese then this one will definitely entertain on a Saturday night. John Terry stars as the titular hero Hawk who at the hands of his evil brother Vultan played by the late, great Jack Palance, loses his bride.

Hawk isn’t about to go down without a fight and after he recovers from his injuries, he sets out to assemble a team of mercenaries all with special skill sets to hunt Voltan down and get his vengeance. We have the dwarf, the giant, the nan with one hand and the elf who can really shoot a lot of arrows in seconds.

The film, from director Terry Marcel, is certainly an acquired taste but it’s loaded with incredible fights and enough sword clanging violence to satisfy genre fans. To top it off, Hawk’s sword is pretty much alive and does some pretty trippy things which is cool in itself. If you like films in medieval times like The Sword and the Sorcerer with a supernatural twist then check this one out. The music is pretty epic as well and it enhances the already visually pleasing atmosphere of the film.

3. The Night Crew

One thing that is great about movies is when genres blend together to make an even better viewing experience and here we have a perfect example here in the form of the brutal action-thriller The Night Crew which stars Luke Goss who elevates everything that he stars in and add in genre legend Danny Trejo and bad ass Paul Sloan from The Vigilante Diaries and you have one far out bloody good ride with a horror twist to it.

Goss stars as the leader of an elite team of bounty hunters who are tasked with bringing in a HVT wanted by a ruthless criminal played by a scene stealing Trejo but things go awry and the team is besieged Die Hard style in an abandoned motel by said criminal’s army of killers and that’s when the bullets and carnage start to fly.

Now it’s important to tell you that this movie isn’t all that it seems and there’s a massive twist to the plot that virtually comes out of left field but I was fine with it and even thought that it elevated a film with a plot you’ve seen before. Everyone is having fun here and there’s enough firepower and mayhem to keep you invested till the credits.

4. Man Of Tai Chi

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Keanu Reeves made his directorial debut in this blistering martial arts saga which sees Triple Threat’s Tiger Chen starring as an expert martial artist who defies his master and his teachings whenhe sets out to compete in a series of brutal underground fights run by criminal mastermind Donaka Mark (love that name by the way) also played by Reeves.

The film is slow in parts but it serves up the appropriate amount of ass kickings with Chen getting ample opportunity to showcase his lightning fisted skills. Reeves does some pretty low key over the top acting with this one but I think that’s what he was going for and we get the chance to see Reeves and Chen face off at the end which is pretty solid in terms of on screen fisticuffs.

The film also stars Asian star Karen Mok as a police detective hot on the trails of the fights and Chen as well as Hong Kong legend Simon Yam and Hai Yu. Definitely check this one out if you fancy thriling martial arts epics.

5. Hunt To Kill

Resident bad ass and former WWE superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin serves up the fierce unarmed combat in the pulse pounding indie action thriller Hunt to Kill. Austin stars as US Border patrol Agent Jim Rhodes who is suffering from a divorce and the loss of his partner. To make matters worse, he is trying to raise his rebellous daughter in Montana. Things get exciting when a group of thieves on the run take Rhodes and his daughter hostage and make the mistake of leaving Rhodes for dead. Now the wilderness is about to explode with hand to hand mayhem and fierce weaponry as Rhodes brings the pain to the criminals the only way he knows how.

Also starring are Emilie Ullerup, genre favorite Eric Roberts and martial arts and action legend Gary Daniels. The film is loaded with action and the highlight is the throwdown between Austin and Daniels which is definitely worth the price of admission. As an action star of the 90’s, it’s great to see Daniels still kicking it and he looks phenominal as ever and delivers some of his signature moves to the delight of this fan.

The film is not perfect by any stretch of the imagiation but it’s Austin and Daniels who elevate the film and certainly make it essential viewing for action fans who love their action flicks with an abundance of testosterone.

There you have it! My first Tubi Top 5 and keep in mind that like most streaming service sites, movies are subject to change and these don’t last so watch them while you can before they’re gone. There are commercial interruptions but the films are unedited and it still makes for a great viewing experience and the selections are killer. Check back here next time when I dish out another high octane round of entertainment courtesy of Tubi! We are your destination for everything action!!!

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