By: John M Jerva

This past Tuesday saw the release of Legacy of Lies starring Scott Adkins and now we have one that a lot of people (namely me) have been waiting for as the trailer for Seized has just dropped and with Adkins reuniting with director Isaac Florentine, fans are gonna get their money worth. By all means, watch Adkins do what he does best below!

In SEIZED, Adkins plays Carl Rizk, an ex-covert operative who’s moved to a small quiet town in Oregon to raise his son and daughter gets awakened by a phone call and message from a modulated voice telling him that both his children have been kidnapped and buried alive with just enough air to survive for the next 5 hours. In order to ever see his children alive again, RIZK has to take on three distinct groups of highly-skilled criminals and kill each and every one of them. But he has to work alone and face increasing obstacles and levels of weaponry to uncover the identity of the man behind the macabre plot. The clock is ticking and RIZK can’t waste any time or make any mistakes or he will lose his family forever.

Adkins and Florentine have been dishing out explosive action ever since they first collaborated with 2003’s SPECIAL FORCES which pretty much introduced Adkins to the world. They have also brought us the action classics UNDISPUTED 2: LAST MAN STANDING, UNDISPUTED 3: REDEMPTION, BOYKA: UNDISPUTED as well as NINJA and NINJA 2: SHADOW OF A TEAR. Some of Adkins’ best action on the screen has been with Florentine and it will no doubt continue with SEIZED.

Mario Van Peebles is on full one bad guy duties here and the first footage looks off the charts so this one can’t come soon enough! Partake in all of the adrenaline soaked carnage below!

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