REDEMPTION: Blood will Spill and Bones will Break in the Official Trailer for the Upcoming Action-Thriller!

By: John M Jerva

A new trailer has just been unleashed for a new bone crunching action pic featuring Triple Threat’s Ron Smoorenburg who is in bad guy mode in the new thriller Redemption which sees headliner Neonat Wiangyangkung displaying some jaw dropping fighting moves. Check it out below as I always have you covered here at Action-Flix!

From director Stephen Renney, the film also features Gavin Bunyaravej, Nichakran Nabumrung, Alex Winslow, David Gray, Rhett Schafle, Niko Tucci, Nikita Masojidkova as well as Renney himself.

The newly released teaser is one minute of extreme fight action and this one looks like it’s going to satisfy the martial arts enthusiasts out there. I know as I am one of them. Wiangyangkung definitely has the skills and he looks sensational as well as Smoorenburg who always delivers the extreme fighting action goods.

In the meantime, Smoorenburg will next be seen in the Britisher gangster action flick English Dogs in Bangkok which will see a US release in August. That film also stars Byron Gibson.

No release date is set yet but I’m all over this one so keep it locked and loaded right here from more on Redemption!

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