INVINCIBLE: Johnny Strong and Marko Zaror Go Rapid Fire on the New Japanese DVD Cover!

By: John M Jerva

While we wait for some stateside release info for the Daniel Zirilli helmed Actioner Invincible starring Johnny Strong and Marko Zaror, we have some cool news in the debut of the official Japanese DVD cover for the film which has been set for its release over there under the name Ultimate Soldier. Check it out below along with a Japanese trailer for the flick below that features new footage from the upcoming thriller.

New Japanese artwork for Invincible (aka Ultimate Soldier) starring Johnny Strong and Marko Zaror (oficial)! Courtesy of Life of Action on Facebook

Official Synopsis: Colonel John Taylor, (Vladimir Kulich) enlists billionaire inventor Leor Teska (Paul Kennedy) to fund a secret black site, testing Teska’s new nano technology for military applications, developed by scientist Dr. Quade (Sally Kirkland). When one of the test subjects, Brock Cortez, (Marko Zaror) escapes, Teska’s head of security, Cam Devore, (Johnny Strong) is given the dangerous task of tracking him down.

Big shout out to the Life of Action Facebook page for posting the new poster below and hopefully we will get some North American news soon. The poster features Strong in full on Transporter mode with double barrels blazing similar to Statham’s cover for his trio of films.

The new Japanese trailer certainly engages in the extreme action in store for genre fans who are looking to see Strong and Zaror go toe to toe and in the end, this one might have classic written on it from the get go and Gun Fu is in full effect here ladies and gentlemen and the action sequences look fantastic.

Strong has been dormant in the action realm ever since Daylight’s End hit a few years ago and he’s back with a vengeance as is Zaror. This makes me want to see it even more, if that was possible. The teaser of their fight is truly epic and I think we have a candidate for a future installment of Foot Fist Fridays and The Action Fix!

Also starring are Paul Kennedy, May Mayatnoe, Sally Kirkland and Michael Pare and Vladimir Kulich from The Debt Collector. Douglas Price serves as executive producer via D3 Telefilm.

According to the new promo spot, the film hit Japanese DVD this past Wednesday so it’s time to go on Ebay to see if I can find myself a copy to view pronto.

Watch the new international trailer below courtesy of AMG Entertainment along with the teaser that Eoin Friel from The Action Elite shared a while back.

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