FOOT FIST FRIDAYS: Scott Adkins Dishes Out the Cold Dish of Retribution in the Finale from AVENGEMENT!

By: John M Jerva

Welcome to FOOT FIST FRIDAYS! A weekly dose of fight action where the experts share their thoughts on some of the greatest scenes of fisticuffs in action cinema history!

Scott Adkins proves that he is the champion of Foot Fist Fridays as he tears up a bar in the unflinching and unforgiving Jesse V. Johnson helmed British gangster drama Avengement! The one-two punch of action cinema deliver once again in their fifth collaboration together with this brutal story of redemption!

That’s right Action-Flix fanatics, the reigning king of unarmed combat cinema is back once again for another brutal and bloody helping of Foot Fist Friday. Scott Adkins is without a doubt, one of the most exciting action stars working in film today and this time he turns in not just one of his best action roles to date but also his best acting role as well as he plays fugitive Cain Burgess in a career defining role for the action cinema phenom.

Burgess is a man who was given a hard deal and was sentenced to go hard time there he had to transform himself into a lethal killing machine where his hands and feet are the most dangerous weapons of all.

Burgess escapes prison to exact vengeance on his cold blooded brother Lincoln Burgess (Craig Fairbrass) and all his low life henchmen who did him wrong.

The epic scene in question is the bruising finale where after Burgess has held his brother and cohorts at gunpoint for the film as he tells them why he’s doing what he’s doing, the tension filled bar literally erupts into a blood bath of broken bones and bloodied bodies. Burgess finally unleashes all his rage in one pulsating beatdown where no one makes it out in one piece. No one!

Adkins is known for his flash and flair In a lot of his fight sequences but here it is nothing but bare bones and stripped down brutality of fists and feet that turns the screen red with revenge.

Adkins again demonstrates why he always puts on a master class of ass kicking as he runs the gauntlet of criminals in the room with anything and everything used to dish out maximum carnage. It’s not pretty but it sure is effective and the choreography from Dan Styles is not for the faint of heart. Styles really pulls out all the stops for this film and he cements himself as a premier fight coordinator in the genre.

I got the opportunity to interview both Scott and Jesse this week for my podcast for Debt Collectors (look for it soon!) and we talked a little more about this little action gem that the two also did together. I was inspired from our chat to revisit this film and when I saw the ending again, I knew I had my edition or this week’s Foot Fist Fridays.

Now in the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan The Destroyer, “Enough Talk!” It’s time to watch Adkins single handily take out an entire room of thugs and do it well! Enjoy!!!

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